Our business is based on a profound respect for the ocean.


BANGS ISLAND MUSSELS are hand-raised locally in the cool, clean waters of Casco Bay. Since 1999 our mussels have been cultivated in complete harmony with their environment. 




Rope Grown in Casco Bay, Maine

Our farm sites are specifically designed to provide consistent, delicious mussels. Learn more about our mussels.  


Farm raised on long lines in Casco Bay, in Maine

Our Kelp is grown alongside our mussels, not harvested from the wild. Learn more about our kelp.  


Where to find our products

Restaurants + Fish markets

Our mussels are served throughout New England and beyond. Find our Mussels. 

About Us

Matt + Gary Moretti

We are passionate about aquaculture and the future of food! Learn more about our philosophy.  


Find us on instagram as @bangsislandmussels for updates on the farm